Dream 1: 7/23/21

Last night, I dreamed that I was Paul McCartney in a 1970’s-era (end-of-band) Beatles performance. I was at the keyboard (this band had a keyboard – I was not playing guitar) and singing. I was singing, “God is Lord! God is Lord!” over and over again. Those were the lyrics. I was having difficulty, however, keeping in rhythm with the beat – always slightly behind or ahead of it. I remember thinking, as I was watching myself perform, that it would be so much easier if I would just let go, let go of the feeling of a need for control over myself – and then I could so much more easily stay with the beat, stay in rhythm.

When I was reflecting this morning, I thought particular of the words I was singing. “God is Lord!” I thought, that’s just what Mary (a very holy woman I knew briefly, who played a part that was so instrumental in my spiritual healing) said to me – that, when I am battling in darkness, to recite a Bible verse or to proclaim the greatness of God in some way, any way I can. That’s what I did in the dream. It’s that of which the Holy Spirit perhaps was reminding me at this crucial moment. It has been such a tremendously difficult period lately.

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