Dream 7/5/19

I dreamt that I was in a massive stadium filled with people.  In the center was a stage or dais, on which Pope Francis was conducting a rally.  His face was an untrustworthy mask of chiding, admonishing, exhortation in his usual style.  Soon, though, Pope Benedict XVI moved in from this side, from Francis’s right, and began to commandeer the rally.  Now he was exhorting the masses of people with genuine exhortation to faith and hope and zeal and courage and perseverance.  The people were cheering and shouting in response.  He said something like, “The MARKS [of something… like, of the faithful… of faithful people… or courageous Christians… or the Remnant… ??] are THREE [in number]…”. He held up his hand, palm facing himself, and raised the middle three fingers.  It was a significant gesture that stood out and arrested my attention.  I was seeing the hand close up.  The three fingers looked like a “W” to me…  Then there was some commotion, some shuffling on the stage…  And then I was looking at the Sun setting.  The sky was streaked with deep-orange-red at the top, orange in the middle, and, towards the horizon,  dull yellow with long dark clouds that resembled smoke.  The Sun was setting – but I only saw this for a moment…  Then, for and even briefer instant, I saw the night sky with a constellation in the shape of a cross suspended there…  Then I woke up.

Friend: Southern Cross constellation is in the Southern Hemisphere, perhaps visible where the Amazon Synod is taking place.

Me: That’s a definite possibility regarding the symbolism.  Since it came after the flaming sunset, it could also mean hope in Christ’s cross through the dark night…

It is known that B-XVI’s abdication was invalid and that he remains the true Pope.  Now, many Catholics are rallying for his shepherding.  With his breaking his 6-year silence with that powerful essay indicting the sexual revolution of the ‘60s for its destructive impact on contemporary morals and sexual practices, linking them directly to the current Church crisis – in addition to making a public presence again little by little – he seems to be responding to the perceived need for his pastoral leadership and taking responsibility for the call.

Regarding the formation of B-XVI’s fingers, I just in a flash realized what it reminded me of – a certain letter of the Hebrew alphabet that I’d seem many times.  I Googled Hebrew letter that looks like a “W,” and I found this…

Friend: Shin… I searched and was lead to PSALM119 [118]  Glories of God’s law. The longest Psalm in the Book.    Also, according to Bl. Catherine Anne Emmerich, this is what Jesus and the Apostles read /chanted Maudy Thursday night (before the Eucharist).


Princes have persecuted me without cause: and my heart hath been in awe of thy words. [162] I will rejoice at thy words, as one that hath found great spoil. [163] I have hated and abhorred iniquity; but I have loved thy law. [164] Seven times a day I have given praise to thee, for the judgments of thy justice. [165] Much peace have they that love thy law, and to them there is no stumbling block.

[166] I looked to thy salvation, O Lord: and I loved thy commandments. [167] My soul hath kept thy testimonies: and hath loved them exceedingly. [168] I have kept thy commandments and thy testimonies: because all my ways are in thy sight.


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