Dream 7/4/19

I dreamt that I was in an ice cream shop.  Pope Francis was behind the counter, giving Communion. I received the Host in my mouth from him, and I tasted something slightly sticky-sweet-soft around the edges.  I looked at him, and I understood that he had ice cream on his hands from scooping and serving it to people.  I took this too mean that he serves people something seemingly sweet and good and “soft,” non-threatening – but which is in reality devoid of real nutritional value, full of empty substance that is harmful to the health, all behind the guise of a sacrament of the Church and sustenance from Christ.  I knew that my friends and I had to get to safety and hunker down in preparation for tribulations to come – aggressively false teachings, attacks to our faith, and persecutions of those who believe the Truth.  I knew of a remote house at the top of a tall hill – and that we had to take this high ground as a strategic defense and for our safety.  However, the house was not completely impenetrable.  Sinister bishops were still infiltrating it, passing through our living room, moving towards us, moving almost like zombies with a half-conscious and slightly dragging gait – I knowing, when I looked at their arms at their sides, that they had harmful intentions towards us.  We were nervous – but not truly scared, as we knew that this was our house and had to defend it..  We were running around, trying to evade bishops and take defensive positions…  Then I woke up.

Friend: That is a lot of detail. Do you recall colors?

Me: The ice cream tainting the host was pink.

The shop was white with a glass counter … but dimly lit, grey atmosphere.

The hill was mostly rocky and barren, brown.

There were green houseplants in the house…

Bishops in cassocks etc. of normal colors.

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