On Some of My Brethren Using a Certain Word

Please – I fervently ask all to have charity towards all living in sin and error and to forswear all hateful name-calling and invective in corrections – for these are children of God led astray by men and the Devil. Do not call out “sodomites,” for there is judgment in it.

I’m going to say something that I don’t share lightly or often. I was a homosexual for many years and was converted by the Holy Spirit through the Blessed Mother years ago. I have hatred for this web of sin more than most for the evil trap of destruction of lives from the Devil that it is

I hate this web of sin, this quasi-Hell of an ocean of poison more than many could. I also know the pain and confusion, defensiveness and anger, illusions and fear that these people live and the lives they tenuously try to support more than anyone who hasn’t can.

It is sufficient to say, “homosexuals.” You use the other term in order to have dramatic and judging effect. Judgment is in the Word of God; it is not ours. Call out sin, do nothing to express hatred – but only love – towards to sinner. That is the Gospel.

Be sad, be angry – but have sensitivity towards such a turbulent web of poison and destruction in which these souls thrash. Remember charity – correction with restraint of self, humility, and love of God first, neighbor close second, self last. Don’t play into the Devil’s trap.

Have pity – and pray for them.

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