Yes, I am anti-choice. I am anti-choice to bomb a church or synagogue. I am anti-choice to practice discrimination based on race or religion. I am anti-choice to traffic other people. I am anti-choice to abuse a spouse or child. And I am anti-choice to kill a living child in the womb. Choice does not equal rightness. Free will does not equal free license license to commit heinous, barbaric acts against other human beings that live and breathe and have beating hearts and feel pain – and deserve the recognition of the dignity of their souls protection of their lives. And it does not – anywhere in this Universe – naturally or rightfully pave the way for choice unchecked by the rights of others or forces greater than the self – or the legalization of choices that violate them. We all have choice. What we allow by law is another matter. And what we allow by law should not permit the monstrous destruction of others or society itself.

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