There can be no “Resistance” to the current administration, because there is no oppression of citizens; open criticism, opposition , argument, and dissent are widely tolerated and permitted – whether in government, mass media, or among citizens (the fights over defined rights, law, policy, and values being natural to a representative government and allowed by our Constitution). The opposition, however, in its leadership does not tolerate or permit opposition, criticism, argument, or dissent, and it is totalitarian in its grasp for the thoughts and speech of the populace. And the most subject to oppression is Christianity. To this there can – and must – exist a Resistance. Speak the truth always, without fear or veiling. Be humble, but allow yourself to be God’s instrument. Promote truth and speak out against evil. Turn the other cheek when attacked and give yourself up when they come for you. Be firm and clear in your faith, love and pray for our enemies. Love and care for and stay close to your brothers and sisters and never abandon them. Christian resistance is passive where it concerns them and active where it concerns God. Pray for our country.

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