Message to a Friend

We are in a time a great darkness in the world now. The forces of Satan are trying once and for all to take as many souls as he can get and drag them to hell – he knows his time is short, he knows he will be defeated – and this is why the final war. No soul is not vulnerable. But those who are pure of heart or strive to be, who love God or strive to love Him better, know His friendship is what they must want, and will ultimately stand with Jesus Christ – His children – we will sustain great suffering. We will be attacked – both by the world and spiritually by being given great anxiety and fear and depression and all manner of dark spiritual trials. We will suffer physical trials – worldly hardships, illness, pain in and attacks to our relationships and within our families… All to wear us down and weaken our faith and break the bonds of love that makes us stronger in groups in Christ. To encourage us to give in and succumb to despair. To lose Faith, Hope, and Charity, which keep us in grace. To make us prone to succumbing to Satan’s ultimate temptation of rejecting Jesus’ salvation and entrusting our souls either to nothing – which mean he takes us when we die – or to worldly powers – massive programs and organizations and institutions masquerading as humanitarian and philanthropic – which will have been selling our souls to what will show themselves to be a horrible trap. Constant prayer, turning to the Blessed Mother, and the regular and fervent practice of the sacraments are our only defense, which keep our souls with God and ensure our salvation. We will still suffer on this Earth – that is a promise – but we must fight this war we are now in and pace ourselves to finish the race. God’s grace does not make the Cross any lighter – but it does give us the strength and help to carry it to the end. The heavier your cross, the stronger your soul; the more difficult your trials, the greater a warrior and hero God created in you to fight. Do not allow the Devil to persuade you otherwise. He will try ceaselessly to hurt you and break you and introduce despair and darkness into your soul; do not allow it… There will be times of testing, very painful. Pray at those times very hard. Sometimes a short and simple prayer straight from the pit of your soul is the most powerful – “Jesus, help me. Blessed Mother, help me!” Pray the Rosary every day – it will help you so much if you turn to her constantly, I promise you… Never miss Mass. Go to Confession. All these things will keep your house clean and defended, keep you in Jesus.

I love you. He helps us constantly, even when we are not seeing it. We will get through this.

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